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There’s nothing quite like a Honda. The Japanese car brand has won over the hearts of millions of auto enthusiasts across the globe and continues to maintain a cult-like following. Honda entered the US market in 1959 with a team of only eight employees and hasn’t looked back since.

Some of the most common Honda models in the US:

  • Odyssey

  • Civic

  • Prelude

  • CR-V

  • Pilot

  • Accord


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How Can We Help?


Our team of auto experts boasts more than 50 years of service experience. Bring your Honda in for repairs and maintenance to get the best driving experience.  Whether you drive a Civic, CR-V, or an Odyssey, we’ve got your back. At M & R Automotive, we can service almost any car on the market and deliver the results you need.

Here are some of the most popular services we offer:

Smog Inspection Certificate


Keep your car street legal with our smog inspection certificate. And if your car doesn’t clear the emissions test, we can help solve any potential problems it has.

Electrical Work


Electrical problems can put even a brand-new car out of commission. We diagnose and fix any electrical issues in your vehicle to ensure that it remains reliable. Since electrical problems can pose a hazard for the occupants of the car and other drivers, it’s recommended that you address them as soon as possible.

Mechanical Work


If your car isn’t driving quite like it used to, you might need to invest in mechanical repairs. These include:

  • Worn-out tires if your wheels are misaligned

  • Shrieky or ineffective brakes  

  • Strange sounds coming from the engine or transmission block

  • Wobbly ride

  • Malfunctioning AC

  • Power loss while driving or sluggish acceleration

  • Poor gas mileage

  • Unstable drive


Your car may be experiencing multiple problems that you don’t even know about, so bring it in for a check-up. Preventative repairs are always better than reactive ones. If you wait until a part breaks, there’s a chance that it can damage other components. While Hondas are famous for their reliability, no car can operate properly with damaged parts.



An oil change and proper lubrication can make your car drive like a dream. When your car runs cooler, it performs better, and there’s a lower risk of damage.  We provide factory maintenance at intervals of 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. Your battery should be replaced every two to three years as well. We can help with that too!  If you drive an older Honda with an AC that doesn’t cool like it used to, we can repair it and make it work like it did when the car was fresh off the production line.


Choose M & R Automotive


We have the experience and the right equipment to give you the results you expect from M & R Automotive.

The work we do is backed up by a 24-month or 24,000-mile warranty to give you peace of mind. Check out our testimonials if you have any doubts about our work, and call us at (650) 325-3900 for more information!